Summoning Spirit
Whether it is Meditation, Yoga, Astral Travel, Aura consciousness, Health,  performing Magickal rites, or for Spiritual enlightenment.  There are Three means, to prepare your Body, Mind and Spirit for these things:  Breathing, Relaxation & Visualization.

It all begins with Breathing; "proper breathing". These are exercises to help you learn proper "intentional" abdominal breathing.

First; you need to become conscious of your breathing, and be able to switch into breathing from the abdomen; for these breathing  exercises. It is better to learn them in order.

Breathing exercises can be learned quickly, but it often takes months of practice to receive the full benefits from them, so keep trying.

Breath is used by many mental health professionals as a healing technique for such conditions as anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and stress symptoms such as tension headaches, tight muscles, irritability and fatigue, drug and/or alcohol dependency and depression.

Basic Natural Breathing

1. Sit, stand or lie comfortably with with good back posture.
(Slumping forward, or twidting around inhibits your breathing deeply.

2. Identify anything that is stressful or worrying you.
Only think about this for a few seconds, then let it all go. Imagine the tension taking flight like a flock of birds soaring in the air. Hear their wings flapping as worries leave you, lighter, farther away.

3. Consciously relax your neck, shoulders and arms.
Place one hand on your abdomen.

4. Slowly exhale through your nose, expelling all the air possible without straining yourself.

5. Take a deep breath; first, filling your abdomen, then your chest.
Feel your abdomen inflate gently like a balloon, do not stress to distend it.

6. Exhale very slowly through your nose.

7. Repeat this, being constantly aware of each breath until your breathing is starts to feel relaxed and natural, (and sort of lulls you).

You will notice how relaxed you have become. You are ready to proceed with grounding and centering, Yoga, meditation, visualization exercises, or more advanced breathing.

Self Healing

1. Lie comfortably.

2. Practice natural breathing for a few minutes.

3. Place your hand on the part of the body that is injured
or effected. Place your other hand (receptive) on your abdomen.

4. Visualize energy flowing into you with each inhalation, filling a
reservoir in your solar plexus. Imagine this disinfecting energy flowing into the selected area, washing through it to and fro, driving out the pain, desease or infection. Cleansing, purifying, powerful energy being drawn from the Universe and being channeled into healing light.

5. Visualize the light going from your cupped hand to the injured.effected area.  feel the heat or the tingling of that energy, indulge in feeling the warmth, the tingling. 

6. Continue this until your feel the energy subside, flowing and calm like a languid pool.

7. Bring your arms to your sides, palms downward.  Feel the energy flow from you; until you feel yourself falling backward, relaxed and peaceful and the energy slipping into the ground or surface beneath you.

8. This exercise may be repeated as needed, but not more than once a Day.

Purifying Breaths

This short breathing exercise is used to tone your respiratory system and to open you for renewed energy, and healthy spirit for your body.  If you feel tired, listless, depressed, or just stagnant, this will help reawaken you.

1. Sit or stand comfortably.

2. Inhale a full complete, natural breath through your nose.

3. Hold the breath for a count of three seconds.

4. Pretend you have a straw in your mouth, and exhale a short puffs of air forcefully, through the small opening.  Stop, and repeat.

5. With each breath out, visualize pollutants, negativity and
harmfull germs floating into the air, then falling harmlessly to the ground.

6. Repeat until you've emptied your lungs with these short, strong puffs.

7. Inhale, visualizing pure, cleansing air entering your body and filling you with purifying lensing air.

8. Repeat about 6-10 times.

Breathing to Release Tension

1. Began your Natural Breathing, Put all anxiety out of your mind. Do not let yourself think about any worries or problems when doing this exercise. Focus on breathing and counting each breath to keep thoughts from creeping in.

2. Begin to breathe deeply, filling your abdomen first, then your chest.

3. Sit quietly, follow your body mentally; beginning at the back of your head, then neck, shoulders, down your back, consciously tell your tense muscles to relax (these are often the most tense areas).

4. Inhale deeply through your nose, pause, then exhale, count one.

5. Repeat, counting your exhalations to five.

6. Continue to follow your body mentally; down your back, your abdomen, your hip joints, down your legs to your toes; telling your tension to relax.

7. Begin again, counting exhalations one to five.

8. Continue this exercise 5 minutes, at first you may gradually encrease up to 15 minutes if you like.

You should be relaxed and the anxiety or tension greatly diminished.

NEW Energy (this is fun)

1. Stand comfortably, legs apart. begin your Natural Breathing.

2. With legs bent bend over, draw yourself forward, withyour hands cupped by your feet;

3. Slowly rise, drawing your arms up in front of your body untill they reach your chest, (unfolding, like the blossom of a flower.)
filling your lungs, breathing deply as you go.

4. Stretch, reaching your arms high above, reaching for the Sun and the Air.
Relax; keep strething above you,  several times, reaching higher each time.

5. Breath deeply and naturally,trigger your yawn reflex while stretching, big and full.
6.  Feel like you are going to burst into the air.

7. Whirl your arms behind you,  backward, like they are lifting you in the air, reverse; then pull them forward, like swimming the breast stroke, through the air.

8. You may jump in the air, or twirl around if you feel like it.
Guaranteed to re-energize you!

NOTE:  most of these techniques can be used after a ritual bath in clensing salts; for releasing negetivity,  before performing Magick or Spiritual Rites.

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